The Battle for Duncragglin
Used with permission of Tundra Books. All rights reserved.


A 12 year old boy called Alex comes to stay for the summer on a farm that is up a rugged stretch of the Scottish coast. The farm is near the ruined remnants of an ancient castle that is rumored to be haunted. People from the area have been known to have mysteriously disappeared, never to have been heard from again.Photo, mountain terrain.

With the help of his new friends, Alex makes connections between what he learned from an archeologist and from their frightening experience at the ruins. Alex and his friends come to the conclusion that the answers they seek lie buried beneath the castle rubble, and they decide that a drastic action is warranted. Late one night, armed with flashlights, provisions and climbing gear, they set out on a clandestine excursion.

The story has time and space, matter and energy meet in an ancient lost time chamber buried deep in sealed caves. The existence of these caves is discovered by the friends, and what they stumble upon is the mysterious chamber of time that takes them to the very brink of hell and propels them back to the late 11th century, back to the time the great Scottish rebel, William Wallace, was fighting a guerilla-style military campaign. There, they become instrumental in the conquest of a strategic castle.

Moreover, they come to discover that they inadvertently had a hand in creating a horror that they must now attempt to overcome - a horror that grows to historical proportions.