Death of A King
Used with permission of Tundra Books. All rights reserved.


In the midst of the chaos that was then Scotland, a 21st century boy called Alex searches for his parents. The conditions are harsh. Thieves roam the countryside. Rebels attack English convoys and some Scottish nobles are refusing to pledge allegiance to the English King.

The time is 1297; the place, medieval Scotland. King Edward, the "Hammer of the Scots," wants Scotland as part of his kingdom. The year before, King Edward had thoroughly demoralized the Scots by killing almost every Scottish inhabitant of Berwick upon Tweed, a town that was then part of southern Scotland, now part of northern England, and went on to crush the Scot's hastily assembled and ill prepared army on the slopes near Dunbar.

Their kingdom in shambles, there was nothing left for the Scots but to capitulate, sign up with King Edward and have their once proud kingdom reduced to English rule - or so it seemed.

William Wallace thought otherwise. Using effective guerilla-style tactics, he and his growing number of rebels were winning skirmish after skirmish with the English. King Edward angrily ordered his armies to move north to crush Wallace and bring English rule to the Scotland once and for all.

Little did he know what effect one 21st century boy would have on his plans.