The Battle for Duncragglin
Used with permission of Tundra Books. All rights reserved.


In this gritty tale of survival, loyalty and sheer determination, what starts off as a present-day search for answers becomes a desperate fight for survival in a long-ago age. Photo, lake front.

Projected back in to the late 11th century by a mysterious time chamber buried deep beneath the rubble of ancient castle ruins, 12 year old Alex inadvertently becomes a key participant in a military campaign of none other than the Scottish rebel and guerilla fighter, William Wallace, who comes to commend Alex for his actions while he puzzles over his origins.

Along the way, Alex discovers that, if he is to save his friends from torture and death, he must battle incredible odds and face a horror that is partly of his own creation - a horror so great, it spans the ages and seems to know no bounds.

The reader is taken back in time with Alex and discovers with Alex that, once committed, there's no turning back. Caught in a spiral of unintended consequences that continue to escalate in severity, Alex is brought to the brink of despair; then, resigned to the prospect of failure and even death, he sets out to face the impossible.